Redux This: Five Remakes That Have Already Been Remade

We are well aware that Hollywood seems to have a nagging trend of regurgitating the same story lines over and over again, feeding each prepackaged, prefabricated piece of cinematic goo down our throats in a noble game of throwing spaghetti to the walls in an attempt to try to find the next Casablanca.

Cinematic remakes, a sort of "it seemed like a good idea at the time" trend, are all a part of Hollywood guessing that we'd like to see something again that was perfectly fine -- at times, iconic -- but with a potentially weaker cast, thinner plot and shinier costumes.

We winced when we heard about the Dirty Dancing reboot, and we still have no idea what to make of the upcoming updated Footloose. But the weirdest thing about these remakes is that, when you think about it, they've already sort of been remade. Sure, the characters have different names and the projects themselves have different titles, directors and casts (sometimes), but, when you get down to the basics, was Step Up really that different from Save the Last Dance?

To further illustrate our point, here are five movie reboots that have already been remade. Several times.

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5. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1985). Boy meets girl. Boy dances, girl wants to dance with boy, but boy is from the wrong side of the tracks and Daddy doesn't approve. Scandal ensues. Boy gets girl in the end and one or both of them get an invite to participate in Dancing with the Stars.

Remade as: Dirty Dancing (1987)

Need more proof?: Save the Last Dance (2001), Step Up 2: The Streets (2008).

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