Best of Houston

Rest of the Best: Houston's 10 Best Concert Poster Artists

No matter how much you love to spread the word about your band through online media, one thing has never changed. You've got to have a badass poster to let people know that your concert will be equally badass. Even if it's only ever seen in jpeg format. Creating concert posters is a unique art, and today we celebrate the ten most amazing people in that medium plying their trade in Houston.

10. Sean Ozz: If you're going to have a tattoo artist in your band, you might as well use him. Sean Ozz fronts The Abyss, and is usually the talent behind their flyers, covers, and other art. There's a distinct nod to middle-career Korn in his style, especially the Issues cover that was selected from a fan contest. Both approaches speak of a demented, cartoonish whimsy. It'd be nice to see him branch out to other acts.

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