''Say hello to my little friend!'' It's one of the most memorable lines in movie history. And it was uttered by Al Pacino in Brian De Palma's gangster classic Scarface some 30 years ago, a milestone being celebrated by the Alamo Drafthouse Summer of '83 series. Pacino's Tony Montana, a Cuban immigrant, is all guts and grit. He gets to the United States as part of the Mariel boatlift. Penniless, uneducated and alone, he pulls himself up by the bootstraps to become the head of the cocaine business in southern Florida. Through brains, luck and a willingness to chainsaw people to death or push them out of helicopters, Montana finds his own twisted version of the American Dream. Scarface is at heart a film about a man who would be his own master but is undone through a combination of hubris and desensitization to the violence he has used to achieve his ends. Oh, and by routinely falling face first into a mountain of cocaine (''Don't get high on your own supply!''). Pacino turned in one of his greatest performances ever, one that has inspired hundreds of actors and sold millions of T-shirts to wannabe high school ''gangstas.''

Scarface is one of De Palma’s best outings as a director. Moreover, he managed to get his ultraviolent vision out untouched. De Palma assembled a panel of narcotics experts to convince the ratings board that the film, initially rated X, was an accurate and socially necessary look at the drug world. He then sent out his preferred director's cut for distribution. The result was one of the most uncensored pieces of violent art ever unleashed on film.

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