Scenes from a Theater

As a young gay man in late-'70s Colombia, artist Miguel Angel Rojas used to hang out at the Faenza cinemas in Bogotá, a popular gay casual-sex hot spot. Amid incognito hookups in the bathroom stalls, Rojas photographed the theater (as well as the frisky business in the stalls via a hidden camera), and those ghostly, long-exposure 1979 "Serie Antropofagia" images were later used in a 2002 film to chronicle the decay of the once famous — if infamous — meeting ground. As part of FotoFest 2006, Sicardi Gallery will showcase 40 of Rojas's moody photographs, as well as several drawings and works on paper. Through the pieces, Rojas tells a striking, subversive story of Colombia and its underworld of sex, drugs and war.
March 10-April 22


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