School of Old School

Don't expect a lecture at this weekend's "The Lesson Part Won: From Bebop to Hip Hop." For one thing, what lecture has ever popped off on a Saturday at 10 p.m.? This "lesson" is actually a party at the historic Eldorado Ballroom. "It's pretty much to inform the current generation of that ballroom's journey," says Erika Swanson, development and marketing coordinator of Project Row Houses. "The lesson is through the music that will be playing. The music is kinda combining the bebop, blues, jazz and hip-hop, and how they're interconnected."

The music will be woven together by DJ/photographer/local Renaissance man Flash Gordon Parks, and local art collective Otabenga Jones & Associates will be showing a video fusing hip-hop with other artistic expressions. Swanson says this could become the first of many lessons to be held in the ballroom. "It's for adults who enjoy music, who enjoy something different," she says. Hey, perhaps for the next one, lovely ladies in schoolteacher garb can walk around disciplining the crowd. Sorry, just throwing that one out there.
Sat., June 17, 10 p.m.


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