Sexy New Darling

The first show the fledgling west Houston stage company Gray Wolf Theatre ever put on was Hamlet. A noble effort, sure, but honestly, not enough skin. Their next endeavor, however, should provide plenty. Not Now, Darling, a British sex farce, promises lots of laughs, plus ladies traipsing around in lingerie. The tale is set in the swanky London fur salon Bodley, Bodley and Crouch, where the well-intentioned Crouch struggles to keep things afloat. Meanwhile, his philandering partner, the bawdy Mr. Bodley, chases tail. Bodley is in the middle of a sweet deal: To woo his latest target, he's selling her husband a fur at a fraction of the cost. Problem is, said husband nabs the coat for his own mistress. Things get hairy (no pun intended), with poor Crouch stuck in the middle. With all the goofiness — and hey, all the knickers — this promises to be a jolly good show.
Thursdays-Saturdays, 8 p.m. Starts: March 23. Continues through April 1


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