Shine On!

Pink Floyd has long been associated with an epic live performance and a totally killer light show. So you know you're in for a trip when LaserSpectacular presents a light show set to the music of Pink Floyd's epic, heroin-laced album, Dark Side of the Moon. Spectators will take in huge spectrums of light and computer-generated graphics, as well as clips from The Wizard of Oz and Metropolis (dude, it's Floyd — go with it) in the relatively safe confines of the Verizon Wireless Theater. Be careful who you bring: The experience might cause epileptic seizures in little kids or anyone older than 70. But for those who spent their teen years smoking out in the garage while listening to The Wall, the effects should intensify your high and offer up plenty of awesome flashbacks. 8 p.m. 520 Texas. For tickets, call 713-225-8551 or visit $24 to $27.
Fri., Jan. 27


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