Slideshow: The Sexy Godz Gala

Slideshow: The Sexy Godz Gala

Saturday night, 1401 Branard was packed with partiers celebrating in support of the Joanna, a quirky house/gallery known for loose, lively openings and an informal approach to art exhibits. For the Sexy Godz Gala, guests dressed as their favorite deities, and head honchos Brian Rod and Cody Ledvina presided over the art auction, plying potential buyers with vodka shots. The "Helen Keller Auction" turned unfortunate when a cake was placed under one of the hiding cloths and people repeatedly stuck their fingers in a mess of icing. There was an impromptu performance by Frank Davis, and we spent a good while at the low-stakes blackjack table, where we actually managed to quit while ahead. (Sorry guys.)

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