Slings and Arrows
Joe Rocco

Slings and Arrows

Hunkered behind scrub, you wait. Musk covers your human scent, though you're downwind of the prey to ensure camouflage. With the quiet steps of a predator cat, you slowly move closer, lift your bow and draw the string back. You release, and the arrow pierces the side of a three-dimensional stuffed boar. Yes, a stuffed boar. Or deer, bear or dinosaur. All are available at Buffalo Field Archery Club, Houston's largest archery and bow- hunting simulation range. Buffalo is one of only a handful of archery ranges in Houston where wannabe Olympians, superheros and Pygmy tribesmen can stay in practice. This wooded watershed on the west side near Bear Creek also has a youth program for beginners. "It's a great thing for parents and kids to bond over," says youth director Larry Holloway. Adults, however, must provide their own equipment. Robin Hood costume not provided. 12500 Clay Road. For a full schedule and information, call 281-321-5979 or visit $55 for individual membership; $65 for families. -- Eric Norvell

Horny Animals

SAT 7/24

Say you're ambling across an African jungle, and an SUV-sized rhinoceros charges you. As you run screaming, take a moment to observe the world's second-largest land animal. That tank with a four-foot horn barreling behind you can weigh four tons and reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. Unfortunately, being a miracle of nature hasn't stopped the rhinoceros from landing on the "red list" of threatened species: Poachers kill them for their horns, for use in medicines and as symbolic dagger handles. Do your part to protect these giants at the Houston Zoo's annual Bowling for Rhinos event. You can work on your strikes, raise awareness and see how many "horny" jokes you can come up with. 6 p.m. Saturday, July 24. Diamond Lanes, 6327 Spencer Highway. For information, call 281-487-7327 or visit $20. -- Steven Devadanam


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