Spend a Fortune

How much cash would you drop to see INXS live -- with Michael Hutchence's replacement, J.D. Fortune? Apparently the going rate to catch the once legendary Australian band is about 60 bucks. Yep, 60 big ones to see new lead singer Jason Dean Bennison. Who the hell is he? He's the guy who, when he heard about auditions for the reality show Rockstar: INXS, switched to the J.D. Fortune moniker. The Canadian pretty boy made the show, made some viewers nauseated with his dramatics, and made the girls scream with his sink-to-his-knees-and-beg stage act. He also dropped to his knees and cried when INXS picked him as their new lead singer on live TV. Dude, we seriously doubt Michael Hutchence would ever do that.

But we also seriously doubted that Hutchence would die by hanging in 1997. So now we have Fortune, and INXS is pushing their new album, Switch. Die-hard fans will note that the new singles sound like the old singles, that songs such as "Pretty Vegas" eerily resemble "Devil Inside." If you're a Hutchence fan, you're probably not gonna cut Mr. Fortune much slack. But if you're not one to slap him with the poseur tag, you might be in for a night of '80s-style pomp, posing and pop.
Wed., June 28, 8 p.m.


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