SPIN Party and Exhibition

Okay, here’s your chance to say you were part of an exhibition at the Houston Center for Photography. All you need is a cell phone and a little imagination. The HCP’s 3rd Annual SPIN Party features cell phone imagery projected on giant screens in the HCP galleries. The main room will show works by the 48 preselected artists, including participants from the Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, Scotland and Ghana, along with folks from across the United States. Over the last few weeks the artists have been receiving periodic text messages from HCP, with simple instructions like “Show us the weather” and “Take a picture of your baggage.” The artists responded with shots from their cell phone cameras. Over 300 of those images are in the exhibit. Now, in the smaller gallery (this is where you come in), HCP will be exhibiting images taken from folks in the crowd during the party. Between the low-res cell phone photos and the drinking, things could get a little blurry. Sound artist Stephen Orsak will be providing music.
Aug. 24-26


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