Spiraling into Motion

The costumes of the Indian musical troupe Rudrakshya may feature vibrant oranges, reds, purples and golds, but their movement is more colorful still. You know those famed Indian religious paintings that work arms, legs and bodies into fans, swirls and starbursts? Rudrakshya brings them to life, with an ornate appearance to match their movement - right down to intricately painted feet. The 15-member troupe of dancers and musicians visits the Hobby Center today, introducing Houstonians to odissi, a style of dance from India's eastern state of Orissa. The dance combines nritta (or "pure," abstract movement) and nritya (expressional dance) that uses specific hand movements and facial expressions to tell the story of a goddess battling a demon, for example, or the Lord Shiva preparing to unite with his consort. The arched backs, deep crouches and complex hand movements make the Swan Lakes of the world look downright stuffy; check out ballet's exotic cousin at 8 p.m.
Fri., Aug. 4, 8 p.m.


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