St. Joseph Medical Center ICE at Discovery Green

Chances are we won’t have any snow on Christmas (Houston weather being what it is, we might all be wearing shorts and T-shirts until New Year’s). But that doesn’t mean you can’t spend December 25 ice-skating at the St. Joseph Medical Center ICE at Discovery Green. (Modern technology helps DG overcome any physical obstacles to having an outdoor ice-skating rink in one of the nation’s warmest cities.) The rink is open for kids, adults who feel like kids, and anybody who wants to block out all memories of the past year’s crushing humidity. During the week, the ice comes with a host of activities, including skate performances by local pros, live music, Santa spottings and holiday films, but for Christmas Day it’s just skating…and snacking on the Belgian waffles, caramel corn and hot cocoa. While you might feel guilty about participating in an obvious affront to Houston’s true nature, that will be canceled out by the knowledge that the rink is made from recycled water from Kinder Lake and powered by renewable energy. 1 to 11 p.m. December 25. Regular holiday hours 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. 1500 McKinney. For information, call 713-400-7336 or visit $10.
Nov. 25-Jan. 17, 2010


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