Studio Movie Grill 2013 Summer Children’s Series: Shrek

Summer is a hard time with kids because they will eventually run out of your stuff to break, and sending them outside in this heat technically counts as torture. Movies are a good alternative, but they ain't getting any cheaper. Except at Studio Movie Grill. Their Children's Summer Series is offering a great deal; one show a day costs just $1 per kid and $2 per adult to view one modern kid's classic after another. This week you can experience Shrek, the tale of a grumpy fairy-tale ogre who finds love that became the hit that put DreamWorks back on the map as a maker of animated films. ''Judging by the number of times we're asked to bring it back to the summer series, I would say it could be considered a modern classic: It appeals to kids and their parents with a classic story and characters that many may already know,'' said Lynna McQuaker, the head of alternate programming. ''The film barely misses a beat when seen repeated times. It may even be enhanced by multiple viewings, seeing your favorite parts and surprising you with things you missed. I know, at a certain age, my children loved to see their favorite films over and over again.'' Good thing they run it all week!

11 a.m. daily. Through August 2. Various Studio Movie Grill locations. For information, call 713-461-4449 or visit $1 to $2.
July 29-Aug. 2, 11 a.m., 2013


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