Style: Zingara Swimwear Show

Style: Zingara Swimwear Show
Kristen Eide

I've always been partial to the idea that 'a bikini is a bikini is a bikini.' Without a doubt it awkwardly covers up the essentials but always feels like voluntarily wearing undies in public. Still, we live in a tropical weather environment and swimsuits/bikinis seem to be a staple in Houston attire ... year round. That being said, last Friday Zingara Swimwear had a fashion show at the new Town and Country Lifetime Athletic City Center. Let me break it down--me: totally normal, 20-something female with body issues; bikini models: tall, beautiful and completely confident walking around a pool deck while the crowd gawks. Once the self-esteem issues were safely on the back burner I realized that the swimwear was actually worth taking note.

Style: Zingara Swimwear Show

The cuts might not have changed much in the last few years but the prints are electric with turquoise and pink, Lily Pulitzer-type paisleys, electric tribal stripes and animal prints. Of course, they come with all the appropriate see-through cover-up to match.

The scoop on Zingara: This Uruguay-based company has been around for 30 years and caters to the bohemian-chic/gypsy-vibe kind of girl--"zingara" is defined as an Italian female gypsy. I don't know about you, but if I ever found myself around a bunch of Uruguayan-Italian gypsies I would totally blend in wearing one of these bikinis! Meanwhile in Houston, if you want to beat the heat and look tres bohemian, check out Zingara.

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