Multimedia performance artist Josh Urban Davis has some advice for audience members attending Submission, a durational performance art experience being presented today by Continuum: ''Move through the space,'' he says. ''Examine the pieces individually and then take them in collectively.'' Some 20 artists are taking over the Summer Street Artists Studios for Submission, performing simultaneously throughout the building. ''There'll be seats available but we encourage you to interact with the space, to move around. Just follow the yarn.'' A more practical technique than Hansel and Gretel's fabled bread crumbs, yarn will be strung throughout the building leading visitors to each of the performance areas.

Davis insists the presentations are performance art, not theater. ''You're suspending your belief when you go to a theater, you're allowing the actors to tell you a lie in order to tell you the truth. With performance art, there's not a suspension of belief. We're just trying to tell a truth. We're trying to show you a concentrated action, this one bit of reality that tells the truth. For my piece, I wanted to talk about time so I'm making a human clock. I'm basically taking chalk and making tick marks around me in a circle for the entire duration of the show. By the end of the show, these tick marks will cover the entire floor of the warehouse. It will create a physical representation of the time invested in creating the object.''

9 p.m. Summer Street Artists Studios, 2500 Summer Street. For information, visit Free.
Fri., Sept. 6, 9 p.m., 2013


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