“Superheroes Alter Egos”

It turns out even superheroes have to pick up groceries — at least according to local artist David Chien. For his exhibit “Superheroes Alter Egos” at the Buffalo Bayou Art Park, he has placed three wooden sculptures of a red-and-blue-clad superhero in the expansive outdoor space along Buffalo Bayou. One carries grocery bags, another holds an umbrella and another waits for his caped dog to do his business.

Today brings the Buffalo Bayou Partnership’s Night on Blue Bayou celebration, where children and adults can draw up their own costumed identities with a superhero station near the Sabine Street Bridge. The event also offers night hikes, boat rides and stargazing, among other activities. This will be a farewell to Chien — whose slick style has been featured on stickers, shoes and Web site designs, and who’s shown at the Texas Biennial — as he’s moving to the Bay Area. Come early for the art and stay late for the stars.


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