Thanks, Morgan Spurlock: Our 10 Favorite Documentaries

Thanks, Morgan Spurlock: Our 10 Favorite Documentaries

On Tuesday, August 2, Current TV will launch a new series, 50 Documentaries To See Before You Die. Morgan Spurlock, the documentarian who challenged fast-food chain McDonald's in Super Size Me and more recently, consumerism with The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, serves as host. Along with a panel of filmmakers, Spurlock will feature 50 of the best non-fiction films of the past two decades. He will also travel the country to meet the actual subjects of the featured docs.

Art Attack loves a good documentary and is excited to gain further knowledge of what appears to be an exhaustive list. We are sure we haven't seen all 50, but here are our top 10. What are yours?

10. Roger & Me Michael Moore is, without a doubt, one of the most noted documentary filmmakers of our era. He won an Academy Award for his shocking film on gun control, Bowling For Columbine, and Fahrenheit 9/11 was one of the highest grossing documentaries of all time. However, it was his first and most personal film, Roger & Me, that struck us the hardest. In this film, Moore goes back to his hometown of Flint, Michigan to track the downfall of the community after General Motors, the city's biggest employer, closes its factory doors.

9. Capturing the Friedmans

In the story of the Friedmans, director Andrew Jarecki digs into the 1980 investigation of a Long Island family accused of child molestation. The story is filled with twists and turns of a bizarre reality of father and son who pleaded guilty to the charges. However, the Friedman son later turns the story around by accusing his own dad of sexual assault. By the end of the film you are not quite sure who is telling the truth and who isn't, and you are seriously disturbed.

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