The 5 Best Things to Do in Houston This Weekend: Revolve Dance Company and More

From A Wider Lens, Revolve on Camera
From A Wider Lens, Revolve on Camera
Gothic South Productions

Revolve Dance Company is celebrating its tenth anniversary with a program of new works entitled X over a two-day run on Friday and Saturday. Choreographers/dancers Amy Cain, Lindsey McGill and Dawn Dippel created the new works, which include Cain's jazz pieces The Search (about the struggle between living in the now and planning for the future) and Pride (inspired by the male-­­female relationships found inside a lion pride), Dippel's contemporary Butterfly Effect and McGill's Something Wonderful is Going to Happen. Also on the program are excerpts from Revolve on Camera, (seen above) a dance film by Gothic South Productions that will be screened later in the week at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston as part of the Houston Cinema Arts Festival.

Catch X at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday. The Barn, 2201 Preston. For information, call 281‐363‐2475 or visit ­ $20.

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