The Beats Go On

In the early hours of this past Christmas Day, 28-year-old Houston techno DJ Bruno B. (Balarezo) lost his yearlong battle with colorectal cancer. Once the shock of his death passed, it didn't take long for a slew of DJs who have worked with and been influenced by Bruno to put together a tribute to their friend and mentor. A who's who of decknicians — which includes Chris Anderson, Andrei Morant, Henry Chow, Andy "Champa" Moore, Sasha Braverman and Jeffery Mac — will take to the turntables today for the "We Love Bruno B." benefit at Clark's and Dean's Credit Clothing.

"He's inspired so many people musically," says friend Gracie Chavez Cardenas, who helped start Shift Media with Bruno in 2002. "He was self-motivated and had an entrepreneur spirit, encouraging a lot of people to not take a backseat." Bruno's big persona and contributions as a member of the infamous Matrix Crew have had a lasting impact on the Houston scene. Cardenas recalls how Bruno battled daily with cancer, which was diagnosed in December 2004 but never slowed his career or his efforts in promoting Diabolic, a monthly dance party in the Warehouse District. "From the time he was diagnosed until the last couple weeks, he put up a really brave fight," she says. "All his inhibitions went out the door. He took hold of life and taught us a lesson or two." So show up and pay tribute to a local beats legend today. Somewhere, we think Bruno B. will be shakin' it, too.
Fri., Jan. 13, 9 p.m.


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