The Best New Tumblr Accounts of 2010

The Best New Tumblr Accounts of 2010

Tumblr was our favorite place to go in 2010 to look for pictures of Katy Perry, Star Wars crap, Lady Gaga's ass, knives, Christina Hendricks looking pretty, dead rock stars, disposable memes, and random half-naked tattooed girls. It's a magical community of mini-blogs that don't require any thought or deep contemplation.

Why, just now I logged into my own account and saw a painting of Darth Vader, Dick Cheney, and Bob Marley smoking out with a bong on a card table (above). Look at that, more pictures of Tupac. And sure, why not more Prancing Cera?

These are some of our favorite Tumblr accounts to follow. Most are updated daily, or at least hella frequently enough that you won't miss out on anything. Enjoy, and remember, most things on Tumblr are not safe for work. (Unless you work at the Houston Press--in which case you get to look at all the porn you want in the interest of research.)

The Best New Tumblr Accounts of 2010 Pictures of people being patted down by the TSA never get old, especially if it's Kim Kardashian.

The Best New Tumblr Accounts of 2010

Upcoming Events From the land of bullies, nerds, and jocks comes Classic Frat Bros. Kegger! It's exactly what you think it would be. Muslims wearing things: like shirts, shoes, and even sunglasses. They're so much like us!

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