The Dallas Asia Film Fest: Experimental Shorts

In an era of three-hour-plus screen times for films about hobbits and Civil War-era presidents, short films still have something to say — in a lot fewer turns of the clock hands. The Dallas Asian Film Festival: Experimental Shorts will feature nine short films from the festival that celebrates ''new Asian and Asian American works that unapologetically push past the limits of the usual film genres.'' The films, which run from one to 15 minutes, span comedy (Planking: A Tutorial for Empty Nesters, about a mature adult teaching others about the fad of planking), animation (Fish Tank Fantasy, about a philosophical fish frustrated with life in the bowl), drama (Will, detailing a girl's last moments with her father on 9/11 before he leaves for work) and science fiction (Love Like Aliens, which explores, um, a human/robot hookup).
Sat., Jan. 26, 5 p.m., 2013


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