The Dedicated Gamer's Guide to Video Game Lamps

"Without lamps there would be no light."

-John Bender

Lamps are not the most exciting thing in the world, but Bender is right. Bender is always right. For the dedicated gamer looking to light up a room in a unique way, there are several different options to choose from. So welcome to the Houston Press's video game lamp guide, for all your video game lamp needs.

The Dedicated Gamer's Guide to Video Game Lamps

This Atari-themed lamp was created by a YouTube user that they call doktaluv. It features the classic Atari game console with wood trim as a base, a stylish spiral of cartridge games as its shaft and an ingenious shade made of video game box art.

The Dedicated Gamer's Guide to Video Game Lamps

If you're looking for something more modern and... organic, Daniel Ritthanondh has fashioned these ceiling fixtures to resemble Barnacles from the Half-Life series of games. Barnacles hang motionless on the ceilings, with their tongues hanging out waiting to snare prey. Barnacle lamps hang motionless, illuminating the room and creeping out your children. DO NOT CONFUSE ONE FOR THE OTHER.

The Dedicated Gamer's Guide to Video Game Lamps

Along the same lines as the Atari lamp, but with that 8-Bit style, is this lamp crafted from an NES advantage control from Recycled Retro. The joystick has been removed to install the shaft and shade, but otherwise perfectly maintains the integrity of the number one controller for simulating the arcade control experience at home.

The Dedicated Gamer's Guide to Video Game Lamps

Perhaps you're looking for something a bit more modernist...or communist. This one works either way. These hanging wall lights are based on Tetris, the addictive and popular puzzle game with the catchy theme song. The Tetris lights are not for sale, but the people over at Cut Out and Keep have simple instructions for you to make some for yourself cheaply and easily.


The Dedicated Gamer's Guide to Video Game Lamps

Mario is the gateway drug for many a gamer, and he has remained a powerful presence in video games over 30 years since he debuted. The question blocks that hold power-ups, coins or nothing at all are staples of the series, and now can be had as pendant light fixtures from 8-bit Lit. The switch is a touch-sensitive panel on the bottom, so feel free to live out your Mario fantasy with a jumping punch...but delicately. Each light is accompanied by the unmistakable coin sound, and every eighth activation rewards you with the 1-Up sound effect. They also sell kits for the handier among you to self-construct.

The Dedicated Gamer's Guide to Video Game Lamps

Another classic Nintendo title, this Legend of Zelda table lamp is made right here in Texas by Pete Betcher for those who like to shop locally. The handcrafted 11" lamp has a wood frame and acrylic front emblazoned with the Triforce symbol to light your nights with power, courage and wisdom.

The Dedicated Gamer's Guide to Video Game Lamps

It must be difficult to capture Rapture, BioShock's underwater Randian metropolis that is host to some of the greatest artists and scientists alive. Deviant artist l1vethedream has done a pretty good job with her stained-glass table lamp based on the various art-deco representations of Rapture scattered throughout the game. Let's hope she crafts one in bright sky colors for BioShock Infinite.

Unfortunately, we don't know where rayanajames picked up this awesome Halo sculpture lamp that features two Master Chiefs ambushing a Jackal. It's long since gone unlisted. Maybe if you drop him a line he can send you on a quest to the source of these excellent sources of geek light.

And that's all, folks. Until someone makes a GLaDOS chandelier, that is...

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