The Houston Record Convention

So you’ve been looking for an original copy of the Beatles’ White Album for years now, but can never find it, right? Or digging for that elusive Joy Division 12-inch single that’s been out of print since 1978? Well, here’s your big shot to possibly get your hands on those and anything else you’re hunting for today at the Houston Record Convention. CD collectors, don’t let the title dissuade you. There’s plenty there for CD, DVD and memorabilia buyers, too. From ‘80s records to psychedelic treasures, you’ll most likely find it all here, among an endless sea of dusty, vinyl-filled crates. And the best part of this, be-sides people-watching reclusive record-collecting nerds as they attempt to interact with other humans, is the great bargains. Uncover dollar-bin gems and haggle over the price of Journey 45s with the nerds, who haven’t felt such bliss since the last Lord of the Rings film. 10 a.m. Hilton Houston Southwest, 6780 Southwest Freeway. For information, call 713-466-6727. $3
Sun., Oct. 14, 10 a.m., 2007


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