The Man Who Knew Too Much

Film director Alfred Hitchcock loved icy blonds. There was Grace Kelly in Rear Window, Kim Novak in Vertigo and Tippi Hedren in The Birds, just to name a few. But Doris Day, more well known for her work in romantic comedies and as a singer, somehow managed to get cast in Hitchcock's 1956 The Man Who Knew Too Much, a remake of his own 1934 film of the same name. Appearing opposite James Stewart (a Hitchcock regular), Day plays a singer traveling with her husband and young son. When her husband stumbles onto an assassination conspiracy, the bad guys kidnap the couple's son in order to keep them quiet. With no one they can trust, the couple must figure out a way to find their son and prevent the murder themselves. The climax of the film is a grand party being held in the same house where the boy is captive. In order to signal to him that she's there, Day's character breaks out in a loud, desperate rendition of "Que Sera, Sera." (Don't laugh; the song went on to win an Academy Award for Best Original Song and became Day's signature tune.) 7 p.m. College of the Mainland, 1200 Amburn Road, Texas City. For information, call 888-258-8859 or visit Free.
Fri., Sept. 3, 2010


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