The Remus Lupins

With the motto “Fight evil, read books,” The Remus Lupins are one in a growing movement of wizard rock, that is, teenage rock bands that are based on Harry Potter characters. There’s Harry and the Potters, Draco and the Malfoys, the Moaning Myrtles and (a personal favorite) the Hermione Crookshanks Experience. Of course, there had to be the Remus Lupins, named after Harry’s kindly werewolf Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Created by Alex Carpenter (vocals/guitar), who is partnering for this tour with Toby Karlin (drums) and Tyler Nicholas (bass), the L.A.-based group performs such songs as “Remember Cedric,” “Looking for Trouble” and (duh!) “Teenage Werewolf.” Carpenter claims a single musical influence: “It starts with H and ends with arry Potter,” he says. And he admits that he is, in fact, not the woolly werewolf himself. The closest he comes is a paw-shaped birthmark. Oh well, that kinda counts.


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