The Warriors

A mime in a baseball outfit wouldn't normally be intimidating, but in the world of The Warriors, guys like that are deadly. The bizarre 1979 thriller features eight members of the eponymous gang dodging the Baseball Furies and dozens of other distinctly dressed hoodlums as they try to make it across New York City and back to the safety of their Coney Island turf. (The other gangs think the Warriors assassinated a powerful gang boss at an outlaw summit, and they're out for revenge.) The visually arresting cult mainstay caused small outbreaks of teen violence when it was released, but all you'll have to worry about at the River Oaks Theatre is some enthusiastic audience participation, possibly lubricated by drinks from the theater's upstairs bar. Booze and surreal gang battles, punctuated by the film's classic showdown - what more can you ask for? 11:55 p.m. Friday and Saturday. 2009 West Gray. For information, call 713-524-2175 or visit $9.75.
Fri., April 16, 11:55 p.m.; Sat., April 17, 11:55 p.m., 2010


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