Jimmy Kuehnle is bringing his "media mountain" to 
    Project Row Houses. Catch it on Saturday.
Jimmy Kuehnle is bringing his "media mountain" to Project Row Houses. Catch it on Saturday.
Courtesy of Jimmy Kuehnle

This Week's Day-by-Day Picks

Thursday, October 13
This week, events all over town are spreading love for Latinos. Comedian Eddie Cruz wants to spread some laffs, too, with a special edition of his Laffin' with Latinos comedy show. Headlining is funnyman Juan Villareal, who'll be supported by guests Flo Hernandez and Gary Saenz. "Juan's the only Latino comic who's been on BET nine times," says Cruz. "That's got to be some kind of record." So, is this a family show? "Well, Juan's favorite word is 'fuck,' so that'd be a no," says Cruz. "It's a crazy party -- and it's my birthday." Wish Cruz well at 8 p.m. Comedy Showcase, 11460 Fuqua. For tickets, call 281-481-1188 or visit www.eddiecruzcomedy.com. $10 to $15.

Friday, October 14
A little bit of Mexico resides in the hearts of all Texans. And whether you already have some Latino in you or you just want some, the 22nd annual Folkloric Festival's Dia de la Hispanidad is just the thing. The festivities begin with an evening of colorfully costumed performers and dancers from Texas, Mexico and South America, and culminate with special musical performances by Orgullo Vallenato and Caliente Latin Band. 6:30 p.m. Miller Outdoor Theatre, 100 Concert Drive. For information, call 713-528-1492 or visit www.milleroutdoortheatre.com. Free.

At a sprightly 72 years old, Wayne Shorter is one of the last living links to the golden years of American jazz, the '50s and '60s. A prolific sax player, band leader and composer, Shorter played with greats Horace Silver, Maynard Ferguson and the ever-freaky Miles Davis. Though most elder musical statesmen stick to their roots (see King, B.B.), Shorter is branching out and playing different styles with an all-acoustic trio. "To hell with the rules," says Shorter. "I'm going for the unknown." Party on, Wayne. 8 p.m. Wortham Center, Cullen Theater, 500 Texas. For tickets, call 713-524-5050 or visit www.dacamera.com. $26 to $42.



Saturday, October 15
These days, there are video cameras recording your every movement -- whether you're pulling cash from an ATM or picking your nose at a traffic light. Earlier last year, San Antonio artist Jimmy Kuehnle began commenting on the Orwellian presence of surveillance cameras in our daily life with his traveling "media mountain" -- a stack of televisions and cameras mounted on a bicycle that he'd pedal around the streets of the Alamo City. Today, Kuehnle unleashes what he calls a "voyeuristic experience" as part of Project Row Houses' series Artist Round 23. Taking advantage of the row houses' domestic setting, he's installed a slew of cameras that will capture viewers' movements, which are then displayed on numerous monitors. The result is a mix between a house of mirrors and William Baldwin's creepy surveillance room in the movie Sliver. You can get on camera today through January 1. 2500 Holman. For information, call 713-526-7662 or visit www.projectrowhouses.org. Free.

At today's ninth annual Museum District Day, 15 of Houston's world-renowned museums toss admission fees asunder and fling open their doors to one and all. What's more, there's free ice cream at the Rice University Art Gallery, not to mention special exhibits and treats at many others. Seriously, free ice cream. Not kidding. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For a schedule of events and participating venues, call 713-790-1020 or visit www.houstonmuseumdistrict.org. Free.

Sunday, October 16
Now is the perfect time to spiff up your Halloween costume, even if by "spiff up your Halloween costume" we really mean "add to your private collection of glitter heels and flapper wigs." And just in time for you to spiff up your costume, it's the A.D. Players Vintage Costume Sale. The players are purging their closets and trunks for a new season's fashions, and you will reap the benefits. Sale-goers can browse through hats, men's suits, jewelry, accessories and one-of-a-kind outfits that will look stunning with your collection. Or not. Sale runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday and Saturday, October 14 and 15; and from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. today. A.D. Players Annex, 2613 Saint Street. For information, call 713-439-0181 or visit www.adplayers.org. Free.

Monday, October 17
There's just something uniformly appealing about zombies. Sometimes they're mummies, and sometimes they're dancers in a Michael Jackson video. But today, they're the stars of George A. Romero's Land of the Dead. In this fourth installment of Night of the Living Dead, the undead have taken over humanity, save a precious few hangers-on inside a walled city. Our heroes are protected by a tank called -- natch -- "Dead Reckoning." Deadheads dying to see this flick should line up at 8 p.m. Edwards Marq*E Theater, 7620 Katy Freeway. For tickets, call 800-326-3264 or visit www.fangoria.com. $10.

Tuesday, October 18
The mere mention of a garbage dump or landfill is enough to send your typical environmentalist into a frothing frenzy. But we're guessing the greenest of the green will shed a verdant tear for the folks who live in Jardim Gramacho in Rio de Janeiro after watching My Garden Gramacho ("My Garden of Gramacho"). The documentary is filmed by activists and residents living near the Aterro do Gramacho, one of the world's largest dumps. More than 5,000 families make their living recycling junk from the heap, but their livelihood is threatened when it's taken over by a corporation and scheduled to move across town. Suddenly a trash pile that was largely ignored is the center of a class battle between simple laborers and a seemingly heartless corporation. Man, that dump caused a major stink. 8 p.m. Rice Cinema, Rice University, entrance No. 8 (off University Boulevard). For tickets and information, visit www.ricecinema.rice.edu. $4 to $6.

Wednesday, October 19
Just what does the future hold for our fair Bayou City? Will the Astros bring home a title? Is there another Category Four hurricane on the way? Will we learn that the source of our air pollution is actually Tom DeLay's hairspray? Astrologist Andrea Foster has some ideas, and if you want to get the scoop on Houston's destiny (or just grab some grub), head to her discussion/ dinner at 7 p.m. Damian's, 3011 Smith. For information and reservations, call 281-870-0827 or visit www.eightfriendsout.com. $10.


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