Three-Dozen Cameras Swiped From FotoFest Teacher
Courtesy of Literacy Through Photography

Three-Dozen Cameras Swiped From FotoFest Teacher

Consider this case of thievery another hard-learned lesson of what happens when you leave expensive stuff in your car.

On June 22, 36 cameras were swiped from Ben Tecumseh DeSoto, who had left the digital point-and-shoot devices in his vehicle overnight. Those cameras weren't DeSoto's, per se, but rather reserved for 40 second- through eighth-grade students enrolled in the Literacy Through Photography program.

About the burglary, DeSoto, who teaches the FotoFest International-headed platform that doles out visual art training to low-income kids in Houston, says, "Considering this is only my third loss of gear in 30 years, I don't consider it that bad, but it's still a loss."

The City of Houston Police Department is currently investigating the incident. In the meantime, Literacy Through Photography is conducting a fundraising campaign that's nearly half-way to its $4,000 aim. According to DeSoto, who is now down to four cameras for 40 students, $1,000 of that was donated via its Facebook page in the first 24 hours.

DeSoto adds that some photos that were taken and downloaded before the cameras went bye-bye will be shown during an exhibition on August 13 at Project Row Houses, 2521 Holman Street.


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