Tiger Army

While many bands can claim rabid fans, fewer can fill their MySpace with scores of photos from listeners who have committed to tattoos of the group’s logo. Tiger Army boasts page after page of its distinctive tiger-head-with-bat-wings graphic decorating backs, arms and other regions. For more than a decade, the trio has been perched on or near the top of the punk/psychobilly genre. But some of those same diehard fans have been split by the group’s latest effort, Music from Regions Beyond. Close to half of its tracks step well beyond their familiar genre, with founding member and vocalist/guitarist Nick 13 resurrecting the ghosts of dark ‘80s alt-pop like Joy Division and the Cure on “As the Cold Rain Falls.” “Forever Fades Away” is downright Buzz Nation-friendly with its soaring hooks and Nick’s melodic voice, always a bit too good for just spitting out rapid-fire lyrics to frenetic bass and pounding drums, but hopefully not too good to inspire tattoo regret. Street Dogs and Imperative Reaction start things off.
Wed., Oct. 3, 8 p.m., 2007


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