Top 10 Last Lines in Film

Top 10 Last Lines in Film

Some movies save the best for last. One last quote that just sums up the whole experience like a combination exclamation point/kick in the dick. Today I thought we'd count down the ten best ones that were laid out just before the credits and left an audience strumming with genius.

10. Doom Generation (1995)

You want a Dorito?

How do you sum up an evening that included rape, neo-Nazis, murder, and castration? Greg Araki did it with one of the most bizarre incidences of product placement ever.

9. Back to the Future (1985)

Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads

The ending of Back to the Future is one of the most influential endings of all time. How many movies have you seen try and set up enough interest to film a sequel by having you're plot-driver show back up with a mysterious warning and lay out a forced cliffhanger? Happens all the time, but none nail it with the style of Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown.

Top 10 Last Lines in Film

8. Shock Treatment (1981)

The sun never sets on those that ride into it

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As someone that performed in Rocky Horror for a solid decade, let me assure you that the pseudo-sequel where an entire town is trapped in a television studio is a much better film. Our unseen narrator lays down this final gem just as Brad, Janet, and their friends managed to hotwire a care and flee the entertainment madness into an unknown darkness, singing all the way.

7. Chinatown (1974)

Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown.

The thing that separates Roman Polanski's film from other gangster flicks is its terrible, bleak message that bad men sometimes do get away with doing terrible things and sometimes there just isn't much we could do with it. You'll excuse me. I left the irony on.

6. Clue (1985)

Okay, Chief. Take 'em away. I'm gonna go home and sleep with my wife.

Why this movie isn't recognized for the comedic genius it is is completely beyond me. A blu ray finally came out, but still no one has bothered to put together a featurette or a commentary. Of the three endings, this one tops off the one where everyone but Mr. Green is the killer, and it's the final fuck-you to the assorted misfits he's spent the evening watching for the FBI.

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