Top 5 Hot Nerd Creative Types

A filmmaker who encapsulates how hard it is to be white and emo, a public radio icon/self-confessed atheist and a performance artist who straps dead fish to her arms.

All of these people make things that are nice to look at while being nice to look at.

In other words, these five nerd-looking and/or -acting artists provide the creative field with some hot nerd action.

(By the way, musicians aren't included in this list.)

Top 5 Hot Nerd Creative Types

5. Miranda July Looking distraught and like your life is super hard is way popular these days. July, a McSweeney's and indie-film standby, is a master of this, whether it's in written form (Dave Eggers's publishing house announced yesterday via its e-mail newsletter that her It Chooses You is now available for public consumption), on screen (Me and You and Everyone We Know, The Future) or the way the curly-haired cultivator of emo nerdness always seems to look she needs a hug.

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