Top Five: Game Shows In Need of Resurrection

Pick a number. Now another number. You sure about that? Only two numbers left--choose wisely. Ugh, somebody, please ease us back off the edge of our seats.

What passes for American game shows nowadays is pretty pathetic. But there were times in the not-too-distant past when game shows were original, inspired and/or didn't pander to the lowest common contestant. The following five represent such programming. Bring 'em back!

5. Scrabble (1984-1990)

This glorification of the wordsmith's favorite board game, with its lame double-entendres, wasn't terribly noteworthy. It did, however, have one thing going for it--sound. The faint, delightful clunking sound made by contestants when they entered tiles into their podiums was a pleasant result of pre-overblown-technology-television game shows. The sounds of Chuck Woolery's voice and hosting abilities were worth triple points when compared to the many painful-to-watch hosts of late.


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