Top Five: Moments in Movie Jackass-ery

This Friday, Jackass 3-D arrives at a theater near you. With it, the chieftains of stupid rise above the 2-D world and celebrate 10 years of kicking each other in the balls. Johnny Knoxville is apparently sober now, so watching him do stupid stuff should be even more painful.

In honor of the Jackass franchise's return, here are the top five stupid (but fantastic) movies about stupid people:

5. Zoolander This almost-worthless 2001 film might not be funny the first time you watch it (or the second), but for some reason after the third time it gets good. The trailer pretty much shows all the funny parts, but it's somehow still worth watching a fourth time. Male models at their most stupid.

4. Anything Starring Chris Farley RIP, big boy.

3. Dumb and Dumber By far the most stupid movie of the '90s. Haven't laughed at a fart joke in a while? Watch it.

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