Top Five: Shows To Skip in 3-D TV

Sony's new 3-D TV commercial has been airing non-stop. The TV is so powerful, it can turn Peyton Manning into a cardboard cutout (maybe that's why the Texans did so well last week). As of now, ladies and gentlemen, if you own a TV, you now need to clarify that it's 2-D. The world won't let you confuse other people about the clarity of your TV's picture.

Remember the friend that kept telling you the game just isn't the same, that once you go HD you can never go back? Well, it's time for him to upgrade. So you're thinking ... 3-D television? The world's three-dimensional, and you watch TV to escape from the world, so what's the point? That's for Sony to decide. If Justin Timberlake says so, it must be true, right? Some things might be cool in 3-D, but there's a total downside. Here are the five most terrifying prospects in 3-D television.

Top Five: Shows To Skip in 3-D TV

5. Jersey Shore People with a love for golden chests and miserable hairstyles/lifestyle choices will experience the Shore like never before. Fans will enjoy doing virtual Jaeger shots and ogling the parade of six-pack-abs until... the tanning scene. The 3-D TV's brightness calibration isn't meant to handle so much orange. The golden glow of worthlessness will break the TV and earn the family a trip to the eye doctor.

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