“Treasures from Shanghai: 5,000 Years of Chinese Art and Culture”

Okay, sports fans, here’s a pop quiz for you: Who invented soccer? The Mayans? The British? The Russians? Wrong! It was the Chinese (okay, it was probably the Chinese; since we weren’t there in 1000 B.C., we can’t say for sure). They also invented gunpowder, writing, paper, the compass and printing, each of which changed the world. You can see how they did it at the Houston Museum of Natural Science’s newest exhibit, “Treasures from Shanghai: 5,000 Years of Chinese Art and Culture.” The exhibit includes objects that range from Neolithic era jade (that’s 3000 B.C. to you and me), to Qing dynasty porcelain (the turn of the 20th century). “Treasures” offers a rare glimpse into the history of one of the oldest cultures in the world.
Sept. 14-July 6, 2007


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