TV's Most Unbelievable Couples

If you've been watching the new break out HBO dramedy Girls this past season you've seen Lena Dunham's awkward yet refreshingly real relationship with wannabe actor Adam Sackler (Adam Driver). These two can't seem to get it right, but their relationship makes sense. She's a glutton for punishment; he is often the punisher.

Last week it was announced that Season Two would feature a potential new lover for Dunham's character Hannah Horvath. There are a million twenty-something New York hipster-looking actors that come to mind when casting a new beau for Dunham or the show could follow its current route of using relative unknowns, but Dunham's casting choice went in neither of those directions. It's been reported that Patrick Wilson will appear on the show as Dunham's neighbor and love interest.

If you are not familiar with Wilson, he has been in a number of indie films including Evening and Little Children, in addition to some blockbuster type movies such as Watchmen and The A-Team. Most recently he showed up for a hot minute in Prometheus as Doctor Shaw's father. When I say he showed up for a "hot minute," I literally mean he was in the movie for a minute and he is ridiculously good looking.

Surely as the director and creator of the show Dunham has some liberty to cast whomever she wants as her lover and more power to her for casting Wilson. Who wouldn't want to pretend to make out with him? Have you seen him in his swim trunks in Little Children? That being said, there is no way this coupling is realistic. No offense to Dunham, who is adorable and wonderfully quirky, but Wilson would never be her boyfriend. The universe just wouldn't allow it.

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This is nothing new; television is always pairing up couples that are completely unbelievable. Here is our top 10 most unbelievable couples.

10. Fred and Wilma, The Flintstones

TV's Most Unbelievable Couples

This is an obvious odd pairing. In terms of cartoon ladies, Wilma is hot, and Fred is so the opposite of that. Unlike Barney, who also has a looker of a wife, Fred is not even a nice person. He's loud and brash and full of bad ideas. Wilma would have been much better off with Mr. Slate; he probably makes a good living.

9. Doug and Carrie Heffernan, The King of Queens

TV's Most Unbelievable Couples

There was a period in 90s television that featured fat, balding men married to thin, attractive women, and it never seemed to make much sense. Kevin James and Leah Remini, Mr. and Mrs. Heffernan on The King of Queens, were one such couple that when you watched you couldn't help but wonder what in the hell she saw in him. He's a schlub, and she's stunning. He's always making poor choices and she's a legal secretary. None of what happens in this show is believable solely based on the fact that she would never marry him. She dated Zack Morris!

8. Detective Daniels and Marla Daniels, The Wire

Mom? Are we married?
Mom? Are we married?

This coupling may be on the more obscure side, but if you were a fan of the HBO crime drama The Wire than you know what I'm talking about. Marla (Maria Broom) not only acted like Daniels' mother, but she looked the part too. There's nothing wrong with a little reverse-gendered cradle robbing, but when a wife looks like she could have spawned her own husband, something isn't right.

7. Carla and Eddie LeBec, Cheers

What in the same hell was going on with this couple? Carla is a short, obnoxious barmaid and Eddie (Jay Thomas) was a hockey player for the Boston Bruins. Also, Carla is played by Rhea Perlman and as much as we love her, no one would ever give her a trophy for being a looker. When the show aired hockey wasn't as popular as it is now and hockey players weren't notoriously getting with stunning actresses, but still, Eddie could have done a lot better for himself.

6. Ruth Fisher and Arthur Martin, Six Feet Under


These two were certainly an unmatched union. It's difficult to say who was more undeserving of whom, Ruth (Frances Conroy) or Arthur (Rainn Wilson). In general there is little to say about this couple other than, "what the f...?"

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