Twister Mixer

Just how has DJ Maneesh the Twister perfected his wicked East-meets-West sound? Well, deejaying in Austin and San Francisco, where he currently resides, has certainly helped. Through residencies and on-air gigs in those towns, Maneesh cultivated his signature mix of swirling sitars, upbeat breaks, throbbing bass lines and dub. His travels to India haven't hurt, either. The co-founder of the popular Dhamaal Artist Collective will visit Houston today for Turntablas on the Bayou at The Social. Though the crowd today will be smaller than at his recent New Year's Eve gig in India (um, 3,000 people), you can expect a sound that's just as large.
Tue., May 23, 9 p.m.; Fri., Aug. 18


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