Ultra Cool

Perhaps in response to the recent doom-and-gloom-themed FotoFest, or maybe just in celebration of spring, Deborah Colton Gallery has put together a refreshingly positive, optimistic exhibit featuring two stars of an art-world revolution.

Warhol superstar Ultra Violet was born Isabelle Collin Dufresne in France. She was famous for being Salvador Dalí's girlfriend in the early '60s. Promising her a part in one of his movies, Warhol lured Ultra into his infamous Factory, a world from which few were lucky to escape with their lives. Ultra survived and apparently found God. On the surface, her work in the new exhibit "LIGHT: The Mirror of the Soul" is as pop as Factory product, but it reveals its soul through her titles. A winged, naked Mickey Mouse, his genitals hidden beneath a green-neon-light dollar sign while he lounges atop a rainbow, goes by the name Heavenly Bodies Give Light to Each Other.

Also on view is the photography of Suzanne Paul (1945-2005), a pioneering photographer from Houston. Known for her portraits of famous artists including Warhol, Julian Schnabel and Edward Albee, she helped connect Houston to the national art world.

Little known, in contrast, was Paul's fascination with fish. "Rejuvenation" focuses on her fish photos, many of which were shot with soft light shining on the animals, exposing what seems like millions of colors.
Sat., May 13, 6-9 p.m.; May 13-July 1


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