Vera of Las Vegas

An opera with characters named Dumdum Devine and Taco Bell, set in Las Vegas with shades of The Crying Game? Sign us up. Opera Vista is presenting Daron Hagen and Paul Muldoon’s 2003 opera Vera of Las Vegas, a rarely heard (and even more rarely performed) piece that fuses cabaret, 1970s folk-rock and Broadway pop. It’s the story of two ex-IRA agents on a layover in Vegas, where everything changes, first for the better and, ultimately, for the worst.

The role of the stripper Vera, written for a consummate drag performer, has one of the two arias in the hour-length opera, which The New York Times called “a musical tour de force.” Opera Vista is performing the work at Rich’s nightclub, which seems like the perfect setting for the unusual, postmodern Vera. It’s for mature audiences only. Seating is limited, so book reservations soon. 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 2401 San Jacinto. For information, call 713‑581‑4442 or $10 to $20.
May 12-14, 2011


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