Video: A Bird's-Eye View of Freedom Over Texas

The Fourth of July conjures up a lot of images - flags, eagles, Will Smith - but only one sound: the boom of fireworks. Even if you're not the type that goes out and watches the displays, you probably heard at least a few exploding in your neighborhood. One of the most popular fireworks displays in the greater Houston area comes with the Freedom Over Texas festival. 

Unless you secretly know how to fly, your view of the FOT fireworks was from the ground, craning your head up to the sky to watch man's mastery of explosive pyrotechnic devices (thanks Wikipedia!). And that's neat. We love a good fireworks show.

But we also thought we'd give you a different look at fireworks and the festival. Videographer Lance Childers sent his drone up into the sky to bring you a different look at Freedom Over Texas. Enjoy!


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