The Blade Runner owl: Rice has the LEGO prototype.
The Blade Runner owl: Rice has the LEGO prototype.

Video: A Flock of Rice Owl "Replicants"

Ryan Moore, manager of networking at Rice University and a LEGO enthusiast, has begun work on building a flock of 100 "Sammy" models (the Rice mascot) made entirely of LEGOs. He hopes to have them finished for the university's Centennial Celebration in October. The four-inch tall owls flap their wings and rotate their heads 360 degrees when a knob on their backs is twisted.

Rice alumni have made offers to buy the owls off Moore, but he's not selling. As he was quoted in a Rice News article, "I've really resisted any and all suggestions to attach a price to this point, they're gifts or nothing at all. I have a job!"

We're thinking he'll keep it, too. (The Terrell Corporation's going to want something a little more lifelike.)

Click ahead for a video of Moore demonstrating his creations.

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