¡Viva Eléctrico!

Madrid's Aviador Dro is said to be the first punk band to form in Spain — way back in 1977. At the same time its Akron, Ohio, counterpart — a little band called Devo — started making (new) waves around the world, Aviador Dro adopted the synth-driven electro-pop sound that has become its staple. Despite its popularity in Spain, the band has remained relatively obscure stateside. The foursome, performing today at the Proletariat (in matching stage outfits, natch), will come armed with an arsenal of Rolands and Korgs that would make any electro-geek go gaga.

With their recently released best-of compilation, ¡Eléctrico! (the first Aviador Dro record released in America), we're sure fans of Spanish music and synth-pop will soon catch on. And hey, we'll thank the Spaniards for not selling out like Devo 2.0, which now uses kid vocalists on lame songs. Zom Zoms, Black Snakes and Kangaroos, and DJ Ginatonic open the show.
Sat., April 15, 9 p.m.


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