Walter Gropius: 10 Awesome Buildings

Walter Gropius: 10 Awesome Buildings

When we think of 20th-century architects, Walter Gropius is probably not that high on our list of names. But without Gropius, we probably couldn't also name great 20th-century artists like Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky and Käthe Kollwitz.

Gropius, who died 42 years ago today, founded the academy that housed the Bauhaus School in Germany, which pioneered a functional, severely simple architectural style, the originator of chrome and glass. Gropius, who was born in Berlin, fled the Third Reich and eventually settled in Boston, teaching at Harvard and MIT.

In his honor, here are 10 of his most awesome designs:

Gropius House

Gropius House in Massachusetts



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Bauhaus Building


US embassy Athens

U.S. Embassy in Athens


Bauhaus-archive Berlin

Bauhaus Archives


Garage at Gropius House, Lincoln, MA

Gropius House Garage



Fagus Factory


berlin hansaviertel - gropius tower

Berlin Hansaviertel


Impington Village College

Village College, Impington, England. There are slight curves in all the lines.


MetLife Building

MetLife Building, New York




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