Wayward Son: The Jordan Richter Story

If you were into skateboarding 15 years ago, then you probably remember Jordan Richter. Maybe you saw videos of the absurdly talented young man as he nailed flawless and difficult tricks on the half pipe. Then one day, he was gone. That sudden disappearance and the years that followed are the subject of Wayward Son: The Jordan Richter Story, a new documentary by Mustafa Davis. Richter was a troubled boy who'd grown up in hard times in San Diego before finding fame as a boarder. Then he discovered Islam with a passion he called a ''fire in his chest.'' However, Richter’s spiritual teachers loaded him down with a view of the religion sorely lacking nuance. He was told that photographic images of a person, such as the posters and videos of him that were his main source of income, were forbidden to Muslims. Richter left skateboarding behind. Years later, after exploring, learning and growing in his practice of Islam, Richter is trying to return to the sport he left too soon.
Sat., Sept. 29, noon, 2012


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