Well "Worn"

It looks like any old weathered TV that you'd find in a Heights antique shop. But look in the screen, and you'll find red feathers where the tubes should be. Push the button on Patrick Medrano's assemblage, Arsenic Vision, and an exhaust fan lifts the feathers and creates a red funnel cloud within the box. The whirlwind of swirling feathers reveals a black-and-white photo of a woman's hands holding a white apple on the bottom.

Interactive, quirky pieces such as Arsenic abound in "Worn In," a joint exhibit by the 2006 CACCH grant recipient and his partner, photographer Katy Anderson. In the show, Medrano's large sculptures and assemblages are woven together by Anderson's multilayered photographic pieces (she stacks exposures to create dense images). All the works, even the photos, are sanded down and weathered — hence the title. There are also candle-lit photographs, glowing switches and buttons and a light show, so it's best to take in the exhibit in the evening.
May 6-28, 12-5 p.m.


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