White Cap Party

If you've ever woken up groggy, hung over and in bed with someone you didn't know, don't feel embarrassed. Head to the Engine Room, and Aaron Karo will give you a high-five. Perpetual frat-head Karo's stand-up on twenty-something life is cold comfort for every fresh-outta-college kid who's ever stumbled into work wearing yesterday's clothes, freshly minted with new layers of piss and vomit. Despite his party-boy look, Karo's comedy is actually kind of sweet, as he talks about friends getting married, being "singled out" and how the characters on Lost have their priorities straight: find water, find food, tap that ass. And ladies, if you buy the man a drink, chances are good you can take him home. (Hey, his motto is "Fuck me!")
Fri., April 28, 9 p.m.


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