White Linen Night

Following the success of last year’s White Linen Night, organizers in the Heights have decided on a bigger and better sequel. Arts and culture hounds, as well as anyone who appreciates a good drink special, are invited to don their coolest whites for a community event with a vaguely Southern accent. Described as “sultry, steamy, provocative and exciting,” White Linen Night finds the Heights thrown open with hospitality that even Scarlett O’Hara would envy. Many area restaurants will feature food and drink specials, such as the signature White Linen cocktail. Work by dozens of artists, including Yumi Janairo Roth, David Ubias, Laura López Cano and Erma Lee, will be featured. Some shops, like Koelsch Gallery, will host receptions, while others, like Yale Street Arts Market, will feature music. Sister Sister y Los Misters, BOSSA II, The Rocket City Jukes, and Don Broman, among others, are all scheduled to perform.


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