Will Dance for Cash

The belly-dancing discipline originated in the Middle East, so it's safe to assume that that's where you'd go to see it done right, yes? Well, hold on to your finger cymbals — there's a group of Houston dancers who're headed to Egypt to show them how it's done. H-town's Urban Gypsy troupe has been invited to teach and perform their craft at Ahlan wa Sahlan — the world's largest belly dance festival — held annually in Cairo. But these ladies of the moving midriffs need cash for international travel, and that's where you come in. Show your support today at Urban Gypsy — To Cairo with Love. The fund-raising event promises food, drink, live music and, natch, plenty o' gyrating bellies. Your patronage goes directly to their travel expenses. Best of luck, Gypsy ladies, and good luck getting through airport security with all those jingly things.
Sat., June 3, 7-11:30 p.m.


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