A decade ago, the snarling, sneering punk fans in Toronto probably wouldn't have guessed that the dudes from noisy punk act Death From Above 1979 would ever get into dance music. (As we know, most punks aren't so keen on the whole dance thing.) But that's exactly what Jesse F. Keeler and producer Al-P did. Since 2004, Keeler and Al-P, better known as MSTRKRFT (pronounced "master craft") have become sought-after remixers for hot indie bands from around the world, including Metric, Bloc Party and Wolfmother, reworking their tracks into fire-starting electro dance hits.

Today at the hip Midtown club a38, MSTRKRFT will unleash an arsenal of tracks from their upcoming debut album, The Looks. They'll also drop their favorite remixes, along with tracks Al-P says he wishes he'd made. "It gives people a chance to hear what we're into, what we're shooting for, and where we're coming from," he says. The eight electro-fied tracks on The Looks are pretty damn catchy -- love that vocoder! Says the MSTR: "I think there's something in our approach and our execution that gives it a certain attitude and a certain amount of balls."
Sat., June 24, 9 p.m.


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